Tarun Joshi speaks how marriage helps one to be fit

Tarun Joshi, a professional fitness and health expert who have almost 17 years of experience and many International certifications that he acquired over the years. His cliental exists across 5 countries and expertise to help people change their lives in the most simplest and most realistic way possible. He believe that everyone deserves the right to good health and to be happy with themselves inside and out

​Getting fit and healthy doesn't have to be difficult, but often times it does. He says, "It’s important to be fit because real fitness involves a healthy lifestyle inside out, most people spend first 40 years of their lives chasing money and then spend the remaining 40 on hospital and medical bills. I’m not saying money isn’t important but all it takes to live a healthy lifestyle is just 30-60 minutes of your day that’s not even 4 percent of the entire day. Fitness is an ever evolving and growing industry. If you have the right mindset and approach you can make a lot of money but you should understand your audience and imply the right strategies and most importantly lead by example. Most trainer walk around with a belly and that’s not a good example to lead by. Off course the primary goal should always be to help people but when you chase excellence, money automatically chases you."

​Tarun, who is favourite among girls is already taken. Asked if marriage affected his fitness routine! He reveals, "Marriage has infact helped me become more fitter with time, when your wife aligns with your goals, you tend to push harder knowing that someone completely believes in you and your passion, helps you push to the next level, I have never been fitter in my life. So when people say that after marriage they’ve put on weight, it’s just an excuse. And the fact is an excuses don’t burn calories."

Do one into fitness need someone already in it? He feels, "I do not at all feel for a person who enjoys fitness need equally passionate better half. As every human being is different and no one should ever try to rub their passion onto their other halves, if you’re a real influencer your other half will automatically align with your passion and seeing your fitness they automatically feel the urge to get fitter. How many people who call them influencers have actually influenced their own families?. Since I’ve come back from Miami my whole family including my wife changed their habits and have got fitter, I guess that’s what a real influencer is."

from Naya Sabera | नया सबेरा - No.1 Hindi News Portal Of Jaunpur (U.P.)

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