Aly Goni wishes to talk to his mother and see his newborn niece

Aly Goni is a family man. Throughout his stay in the "Bigg Boss" house, he has often been spotted talking about his mother, sister and nieces and nephews. Recently his elder sister was blessed with a baby girl, and during a task when "Bigg Boss" asked him to make a wish, he asked for a video call with his mother with his newborn niece in her lap.

The Wednesday episode in the reality show began with a 'Wishing Well' task where the contestants had to make a wish and put a coin in a well. After the contestants had made their wishes, "Bigg Boss" announced a continuation of the task where the contestants had to agree or refuse the offers made by "Bigg Boss". This was happening in a cave and at the end of the task the three contestants who remain seated on the chairs will have their wishes fulfilled.

Aly and his good friend Rahul Vaidya were the first to take their seat on the chair. "Bigg Boss" made an offer to Aly that if he is in the top two on the finale day then he will give up on his position and the prize money. If Aly chose to accept it, his wish will be granted, but Aly refused and said that even the person to whom the wish is related wouldn't want him to do it.

But looks like Aly wins the task as in the precap we saw him talking to his mother and his newborn niece via a video call. The Thursday episode is going to be an emotional one and talking to his mother just before the finale will definitely give the much-needed strength to Aly.

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