From Sachin Tendulkar, SRK to Big B, here are the idols of these celebrities!

Inspiration is the seed to a journey of achievement. These celebrities tell us who they are inspired by on a daily basis as they make their way to success.

Abhinandan Singh: I am a fan of Sachin Tendulkar and Mohammad Ali. Sachin Tendulkar because the level of stardom he has in spite of that, he has always played the role of cricketer and nothing else. His name has never got involved in any kind of controversy. The way he has maintained discipline off the field is what attracts me. His loyalty and dedication to work inspire me. I follow Mohammad Ali and his passion. He was a boxer and the way he used to take punches, his resistance power is tremendous. I also box and I know that the way he used to take brows, for that you need practice. The kind of will power he has is mind-blowing and amazing. The way he used to say, ‘I am the greatest’, his confidence level is just wow! When I used to do modelling, I didn’t even have one roti for about one and a half years. I was on a very strict diet and was not eating any carbs. So after four, I used to go in depression and one thing which used to push is Sachin Tendulkar’s speeches.

Nivedita Basu: Being from the media, obviously we will be fan of somebody who is related to the media. Off late, I have become a huge fan of Clint Eastwood! Look at his age and the type of content he is making, it is amazing. If I even reach 50 percent of where he is in his career, I think I would have achieved a lot. The biggest thing that I like about him is his choice of films. He doesn’t do things in wholesale, he does limited stuff. I think we shouldn’t stop despite our age. I mean see he is 90s and is still doing great work!

Zayn Ibad Khan: Well, I am a fan of all those people who started from a very small mediocre lifestyle and made it big with their hard work. I love Shah Rukh Khan. He is my idol…Not only as an actor, but he has inspired me through his entire life journey… his charisma, his aura is amazing. That man has a totally different vibe…SRK stands out in his league and no one can match him. I have been a big SRK fan since my childhood and he is my idol…He is a good speaker and I've heard a lot of his speeches. The last speech was one where I heard was him saying, "If you want to make it big, don't sleep for more than 5 hours. Make your body suffer, make your body shiver, get yourself out of your comfort zone because that's where you start growing. If you want something, do whatever it takes to get it. Don't back off, no matter what.’ This motivated me a lot.

Aanushka Ramesh: I am a great fan of Shah Rukh Khan. I admire him because he came from a completely non-filmy background and rose to the topmost levels of success in the industry. But the real reason I admire him is that, besides being one of the topmost actors who ruled the industry, he is extremely intelligent, well-spoken, witty, intellectual, with a very sharp business acumen and most importantly he is a great human being. I love his mind and the way he thinks and I identify with that to a great extent. He did not just limit himself to acting but has expanded his empire in all directions. I too aspire to be someone like that

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