Producer Jogender Singh: I knew I could never get bored with this industry

Originally a boxer by profession and also the founder of OPJS University as well as a company named OK Lifecare and a versatile producer Jogender Singh says that he entered showbiz because he knew that this line would be full of adventures. The producer, who is currently producing a film titled Hawayein, says, “I am an international medalist in boxing and have also worked in a job at the railways for a while. Then I started my own business. I believe in education the most so I did open some schools and colleges, too, with the help of people. It was at that time that I came in close connection with the film industry. I felt that it has a lot of scope and it has a run which is never-ending because there is no ranking here, you can win or lose only. It is a life full of excitement and thrill and I felt that I will be able to sustain it here. I sense the potential in this industry and that it is full of new adventures. I won't be bored with this profession and I won't need to change it,” he says.

Ask him the kind of films that he enjoys, and he says, “I am a sportsman and an educationist and so I love films which can teach me something like Taare Zameen Par, 3 idiots and Faltu. Though Faltu was made by a small producer and starred new actors, I loved it,” he says, adding, “I loved Munna Bhai MBBS a lot. They showed a negative side too in the protagonist as he cheats and becomes a doctor but by the end of the story, the way the protagonist changes ad brings about a sort of a revolution in the medical stream is still remembered by all the doctors. So, if anyone wants to do something and has decided to do it. Vidhu Vinod Chopra is my favourite producer and I love his films.”

Jogender is also a big fan of the fact that the industry is so accommodating to new talent and adds that he doesn’t feel nepotism exists in the industry. “In the older times, kids were only made to study, they had no all-round development. This has changed now and children have various options to choose for themselves. New talent is coming now because kids have their interests clear from childhood. I don’t think nepotism has ever existed in any field. People who have talent, they will always succeed and those who don't have talent will fail. In the film industry too, within the last 10-20 years, whenever a new hero comes, he or she is an outsider, be it Rajesh Khanna ji, Sharukh Khan, Akshay Kumar and many more. So, nepotism doesn't really work in front of talent, be it in a business, film industry, politics,” he says.

from Naya Sabera | नया सबेरा - No.1 Hindi News Portal Of Jaunpur (U.P.)

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