Singer Ashutosh Bhardwaj’s debut single ‘Be My Valentine’ promises to be the love song for the season.

The music video of the song stars popular influencers Randeep Rai and Purabi Bhargava

Delhi based singer, composer, rapper and songwriter Ashutosh Bhardwaj who goes by the stage name AASH has released his debut single 'Be My Valentine'. With the age old Valentine’s day around the corner, ‘Be my valentine’ has all the makings of being the romantic song of the season. Apart from being a beautiful song, what makes the song all the more relatable is the fact that it deals with with the complexities of Love, an emotion we have all experienced. The music video of the song stars popular social media personalities Randeep Rai and Purabi Bhargava.

AASH, who realised his musical dream in his teens , honed his talent over the years and has released his work in the public domain on 9th February. ‘Be My Valentine’ beautifully captures the essence of love and the magic that one emotion can have on us all.

AASH has also written and composed the song and says that a lot of it comes from memories and moments he has cherished over the years, commenting on the same he says, “I’m excited and nervous at the same time. Be my Valentine is extremely close to my heart as a lot of it comes from personal experiences, Memories and moments I have cherished for long.” What makes the song all the more special for AASH is that it is being released by TM Music. He says, “I’m glad that Be My Valentine is being released by TM music which is such an artist friendly label. They have been extremely supportive and I’m just happy that with their support the song will reach far and wide” he smiles.

Be my Valentine released on 9th February on TM Music’s official Youtube channel.

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