The number game on social media gives you false hope and respect: Rohit Choudhary

Actor-producer Rohit Choudhary, who is making his Marathi film debut with "Aamdar Nivas", is an active social media user, but he doesn't believe in the followers game on the platform. He said, "The number game on social media gives you false hope and respect, and one shouldn't believe in getting fake followers."

"I feel if you are posting good content, if it is unique then everyone would love to see more of it and you will automatically get good number of followers. Otherwise, this followers game is just for your own false satisfaction," he added.

Though he acknowledged that social media has brought a big change in our lives, he stressed that it shouldn't be used just for time pass. He further added, "It should be used in a way that it benefits the society. It should be our moral responsibility to post things that can bring about a positive change because it is such a big platform with a vast reach."

"And yes people do try to follow celebrities and public figures, so why not post happy, positive things that can bring about a good change in other's lives. You need to decide how you want to use this, if you start using it for good and positive things, then others might follow you and do the same. It's an individual's choice," he said.

He also confessed that social media is nothing but an ego massage tool, but said, "If you post something and people appreciate you and compliment you for it, obviously you will like it. However, the reach of good things is very limited and if you see all the nasty things go viral immediately."

Rohit, however, agreed that social media has a lot of positives too and said, "Your talent and passion can get the maximum exposure through this medium, this is the best use of this platform."

from Naya Sabera | नया सबेरा - No.1 Hindi News Portal Of Jaunpur (U.P.)

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