An actor puts in equal effort be it for film or TV: Vaidika Senjaliya

Vaidika Senjaliya has joined the cast of Sonali and Amir Jaffar's "Tujhse Hai Raabta". Though she has done a Gujarati film and a couple of Hindi TV shows, she doesn't believe in the film actor or TV actor tag and stressed that be it any medium an actor always puts in equal effort.

"I feel as actors everyone has their own journey. Everyone wants to grow and needs to work on them, their features and on their character. So I believe it's not like a TV actor works harder than a film actor or vice verse. I feel an actor is an actor no matter what medium they perform on. It doesn't matter whether you do a Bollywood movie or a television show, an actor has to put in equal efforts so that they could justify their character on-screen," she said.

"But of course there are many advantages of doing daily soaps. I have always been a very dramatic person, so on-screen I love playing positive or sometimes negative characters too. You get to play different characters, and you get to learn a lot on and off-screen," she added.

However, Vaidika admitted that the audience relates more to TV shows as compared to Bollywood films and said, "I feel TV has a loyal audience and many ladies indulge in watching daily soaps because they are realistic in a way. When you watch the show, usually the ladies relate a lot because somewhere down the line they have faced such issues in their life too, so I believe they relate a lot with TV shows."

The young actress has been roped in as an antagonist called Uttara in the Sehban Azim and Reem Shaikh-starrer TV show. Talking about her entry, she revealed that everyone was quite welcoming on the set and said, "I really believe that television is great for entertainment purposes where you get to play a lot of characters plus you get to bond with your co-actors as well. The team is really great, cooperative, and they're such fun-loving people."

"I came in between but everyone accepted me very quickly and they don't let me feel that I'm new. I was at home because of the lockdown and I was hoping to get a good project soon, and when I got the news that I'm selected for this role, I was very happy. Reem, Sehban, Rajat, Poorva, and Arzaan, they all are fabulous. We have a lot of fun during shoots, and we play games such as crosswords and puzzles during our breaks. When I was with my parents at home, I was worried that I'm going for shooting, and that there would be new team and new people all around and I will have to work with them, but since the very first day I have felt so comfortable and I am enjoying every bit of it," Vaidika concluded.

from Naya Sabera | नया सबेरा - No.1 Hindi News Portal Of Jaunpur (U.P.)

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