It's an era of versatile actors: Prakhar Toshniwal

Prakhar Toshniwal, who has joined actors Ravi Dubey and Nia Sharma for “Jamai 2.0”, believes as the TV industry is witnessing a sea change with newer content being explored on screen it is the best time for actors.

Prakhar is elated to see how producers and broadcasters are experimenting with newer subjects on TV, which are receiving applause from the audience.

“People got fed up of just watching 'Saas Bahu' dramas on their TV screens and the producers and broadcasters have catered to that. The TV audience has become more mature and demands fresh content,” he states.

He hopes the television medium could develop more content catering to a larger segment of the audience.

“Most of the shows currently target only those who are already loyal to this medium. Also, now that we are experimenting with new subjects, I hope we soon start experimenting across different genres as well,” Prakhar says.

The “Ishqbaaaz” actor credits fans for pushing content creators and actors to bring out unique characters and stories on screen.

“It's an era of versatile actors and the audience loves actors who go beyond the usual. The actors have also realised that if they want to stay here for long, they will have to hone their craft,” Prakhar says.

Amidst the existence of newer content, Prakhar believes family drama will be lapped up by the audience as such shows are in sync with Indian culture and values and that will never fade away.

“Our rich culture has ingrained family values, ethics and traditions in the society. Family dramas talk about issues which are very close to our heart and mirror our values and belief system. Most of us do not talk to the world about what goes inside the family. Family shows act as their emotional shelter. As long as our culture inspires us, they are never going out of vogue,” he adds.

The actor points out in case of daily soaps there is a demand to churn out content day-by-day for about 20 minutes and it is tough to keep developing ideas. He also believes at times the creativity gets hampered due to the constant pressure to deliver content.

“The creative team is always under a lot of pressure to make the show profitable. If the TRPs aren't good, it means something isn't working for the audience. So in a way, everyone is ultimately working towards making the audience happy,” he concludes.

from Naya Sabera | नया सबेरा - No.1 Hindi News Portal Of Jaunpur (U.P.)

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