Nivedita Basu: India didn’t have enough vaccines, and we were busy exporting when we have a population of billions here to cater to

Nivedita Basu feels vaccination should have been made open for everyone from day one. The writer-producer-director does not support the phase-wise division according to age groups. However, she understands that this step must have been taken by the government to first deal with those, that is the older generation, who are more vulnerable to the virus given that there has been a shortage of vaccine production.

“The reason I think vaccination should have been open for everyone from day one is because then those who have been keen to take the jabs would have easily got them. We also know about how many doses got wasted. At the same time, I also understand the shortage of the supply of vaccines given the production is not happening at the rate that would have been necessary. India didn’t have enough vaccines, and we were busy exporting when we have a population of billions to cater to,” she sounds upset.

She is waiting for her first dose. “I’ve registered a month back. Luckily, my parents got both the doses but being under 45 I think now I’ll have to wait for a long time like many others in Maharashtra,” she adds.
Nivedita says the pandemic has been an eye opener. “We have all understood the importance of our health, especially when we saw our near and dear ones succumbing to Covid. The whole funda that Indians have is that we eat all roadside junk, what would a virus do to us? All these uneducated theories have gone out of the window. Though the pandemic is not a good way to learn all these but at least these difficult times have brought about something positive, I can only thank God for that,” she says.

Talking about the economic slump due to the pandemic, the writer-producer-director explains that we all need to get this clear that everyone is facing trouble. She also feels the entire online set-up restricting human engagement is sad and boring.
“I think during the first lockdown people were still positive and doing great things, kudos to those who’re holding up during the second wave too. Unfortunately, I do feel worried, maybe because I have been cooped up in my home, not stepping out or meeting many people. I am not particularly fond of those zoom calls and so how do I expect a three-year-old to actually start studying online. We were subjected to the open skies and being with friends and playing at age of three, my child I think has not learnt anything. As kids, we went cycling, skating, dancing, singing with friends but everything is online now. The child is not used to sitting in front of the computer. I’m not enjoying this whole online experience. I mean we come from a production background, we want to be out there and feel the whole energy of production and shooting and we’re subjected to just being home. So I’m just praying this whole thing passes soon,” she ends.

from Naya Sabera | नया सबेरा - No.1 Hindi News Portal Of Jaunpur (U.P.)

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