The trend of music videos is back and is here to stay: Aneesha Madhok

Aneesha Madhok, who will soon be making her Hollywood debut with "Bully High", is on cloud nine because of her singing debut. She has given her voice for the Farsi bits of iconic singer Jasbir Jassi's new music video "Dil Mangdi".

"Dil Mangdi", a Punjabi track, was shot in Goa and streaming on YouTube.

Speaking about the trend of music videos that has made its way back, she said, "I think the music video era is back and I’m so excited about it. I remember as a five-year-old I would watch songs on MTV, but throughout my teenage years, it was usually the movie songs that made the Buzz. And now I’m so happy that the industry is once again making so many music videos."

Though working with Jasbir Jassi was an honour for the young actress, she revealed that it also made her nostalgic. "I’m so excited that I got to debut with the iconic singer Jasbir Jassi, to whom I’m very thankful for believing in me as a singer and rapper. I remember his song 'Dil le gayi kudi' was so popular when I was a kid. Every wedding would play that song, and the music video was so famous. I’m so nostalgic that I get to relive my childhood by performing in his latest music video," Aneesha concluded.

from Naya Sabera | नया सबेरा - No.1 Hindi News Portal Of Jaunpur (U.P.)

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