Bharat Pahuja: For a TV artist to do a single character at a time is an opportunity in itself to evolve as an actor... TV prepares you for future

Bharat Pahuja as the affectionate yet strong patriarch of the Rawal family, Keshav Rawal, of Sonali and Amir Jaffar's "Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha", has been winning hearts. His kindness has earned him the name ‘candy man’ on the show. His fans too lovingly address him by the same name. Happy being in the spotlight, the actor wants to continue with his efforts to keep the audience entertained throughout.

“My character is very progressive and is the head of the family. Much like the times when he is funny and emotional, there are instances when gets angry and puts forth his strong side too. He is like any other senior in the family, whom everyone loves, respects and also is scared of. I think my character has progressed in a lot of ways. It has layers that have been unraveling slowly. There are more to him and those sides will come in the fore in coming times,” he says.

Bharat has been particular about his choice of characters. And, he adds that the reason he chose Keshav because the character draws a lot from reality.

While he has played a number of characters till date, Keshav and the role he played in Ek Haseena Thi have been his favourite. “Both are substantial roles and helped me showcase my versatility as a performer. I don’t like to limit my growth. I can say I have been fortunate enough for being offered a variety of characters till date,” he adds.

Many feel that on TV, unlike Bollywood or web, actors have much fewer options to choose from. “Sometimes yes but for a TV artist to do a single character at a time is an opportunity in itself to evolve as an actor. The reason being each character displays a wide spectrum of emotions given the time it gets in a daily soap. If you want to expand your art you always find opportunity. To be honest TV gives you that scope and also prepares you for the future,” he adds.

While he agrees actors get stereotyped on TV easily but feels this can be dealt with as well. “This happens because the audience has already accepted one actor for a particular role after watching that actor doing it for years. But that does not mean the actor won’t get other kinds of roles or won’t get success portraying different characters. I also feel that audiences these days have evolved a lot. So if we try to give them something new, do something we have done before, this stereotyping issue can be taken care of,” he concludes.

from Naya Sabera | नया सबेरा - No.1 Hindi News Portal Of Jaunpur (U.P.)

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