Himansh Kohli on his song Wafa Na Raas Aayee touching 130 million views: I’m feeling ecstatic, overwhelmed, amazing and everything great

Himansh Kohli’s latest music video is being showered with a lot of love from his fans. The song Wafa Na Raas Aayee has touched 130 million, and the actor is quite happy about it. He is grateful to all those who have extended their support.

“I am feeling ecstatic, overwhelmed, amazing and everything is great. I had huge expectations from this song mainly because I experimented with my acting and tried new things. So, I really wanted to see if people would accept me in this new role or not, and I got great reviews from the audience,” he says.

His other song Jis Din Bhula Doon Tera Pyar has also crossed 150 million. “Well, it is nothing short of a blessing. I’m waiting to see how further it can go and what news height it scales,” he adds.

Since both the songs have been successful, the Yaariyan actor has been flooded with compliments. “Some have said ‘Himansh, you have evolved as an actor’. My eyes couldn't believe it when I read those messages and comments. There are others who said, ‘So proud of you and of your hard work’ and that ‘Wafa Na Raas Aayee is definitely one of your finest works. Congratulations!’” says the actor adding that he got emotional reading all these.

In lockdown, music videos gained a lot of popularity. It’s easier to shoot as it requires a small crew and can be done in fewer days. “During lockdown people were free and the demand for content was at its peak. People had no other viable means of entertainment rather than watching something on their phones, TV or laptop. This demand even increased due to social media networking apps creating short video features like Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, etc. Hence, this sudden fascination for music videos,” he explains.

Himansh is open to different kinds of music videos and also ready to experiment. If he can relate to the idea, he is game. And the actor is keen on doing a music video with Nora Fatehi. “I think if it's a dance number, I would love to collaborate with Nora Fatehi because she is literally the hottest dancer out there, and extremely talented,” he says.

When the trend of music videos restarted, he was one of the first ones who started working on it. Does he feel it went in his favour? “Not really, I think I wasn't the first guy to restart it. Emraan Hashmi released his music video Mai Rahu Ya Naa Rahu and Tiger Shorff released Chal Wahan Jaate Hain and Hrithik Roshan released Dheere Dheere Se. They were among those who released their videos. My idea behind doing a music video is that music remains forever, and it's not connected to a trend as suggested by social media apps these days. Every music track denotes a mood and people remember you along with that track. Yes, I would agree to the fact that it has worked in my favour, but I still want to prove my mettle by doing more and more work,” he signs off.

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