Sandeepa Dhar pays an ode to the yesteryear actress Reena Roy, learns belly dance for remixed version

After impressing the audience with her desi and zestful performance on 'Munni Badnaam', Sandeepa Dhar is all set to present an exotically alluring touch to Reena Roy's hit song 'Ja Re Ja, O Harjai', with her belly dance moves.

Winning hearts as the vivacious, gorgeous, and feisty 'Maina', Sandeepa Dhar is creating waves across the internet with her impactful and impressive performance.

After causing an an uproar with her electrifying performance on the iconic chartbuster 'Munni Badnaam' in the first episode, Sandeepa Dhar presents her belly dance skills for the first time in the remixed version of 'Ja Re Ja, O Harjai'.

As Sandeepa Dhar plays a dancer in the show 'Chattis Aur Maina', the actress is seen taking on varied dance forms through the run of the series.

While Sandeepa is a trained and professional dancer in varied forms like Jazz, Contemporary and Bharatnatyam, the actress learnt four new dance forms for the show, including Belly Dance.

Learning the choreography and understanding the techniques in just 2-3 hours, Sandeepa Dhar aced the belly dance moves by shooting the song in just a day.

With one episode every day, Sandeepa Dhar has got the audience hooked to her story as she plays a small-town dancer with an ambitious, independent and stubborn personality.

After impactful performances in Abhay, MumBhai, and Bisaat amongst others, Sandeepa Dhar has got everyone excited to witness the journey of Maina unfold.

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