A television serial is a daily commitment: Alpana Buch

The best part about bagging a daily soap is that the audience gets to see their favourite character every day. While this may be one of the pros of working in the TV industry, there are a few cons attached too. Unlike Bollywood actors who can manage their schedule between a film, advertisement, a web series, or a music video, for TV actors it's a little difficult to commit to any other project while being a part of a TV show. Veteran actress Alpana Buch, who is currently seen in Rajan Shahi's "Anupamaa", agrees to it and said that a TV actor can juggle between multiple projects only if luck and time favours them.

She said, "Film and television are completely different mediums. A television serial is a daily commitment of a channel to the audience. So, we as an actor, as a part of a daily serial, practically can not fulfill any other professional commitment other than the ongoing one. However, we still try and do some small ad assignment, if luck and time permits."

While stressing more on the pros and cons, the talented actress also asserted TV actors get typecast easily as compared to film actors. "On Indian television as an actor we get stuck to a certain pre-moulded character, so there is not much scope for selection," she said, adding, "I have observed this from my experience that our TV audience generally likes to see an actor in a fixed mould for a longer period of time so it is easier for an actor doing TV to get typecast. But thank god that till date I have always got different characters to play in all the shows that I have done."

Alpana has been a part of shows like "Saraswatichandra", "Udaan", "Roop - Mard Ka Naya Swaroop" and "Baal Veer", to name a few. She confessed that it's always the story that catches her attention.

"In TV, it is more about liking the story and your character. So if it's a good plot with a good character of my liking, I take it up. I always have been very lucky to get good characters, but as an actor, my character Leela in 'Anupamaa' is closest to my heart because it gave me the fame and satisfaction an actor always looks forward to," she said.

Well, the actress also opened up about how a celebrity's personal life becomes the only talking point once they make their relationship public. Alpana believes that it depends on the celebrity how much or how little they want to talk about.

"There are two sides of any profession, especially when one is a public figure, a professional side and a personal side. So it's an individual decision to not disclose about their private life after a point and put a limitation to it. Media will write or highlight only what you convey. But so far, my personal experience with the media has been excellent and I am really thankful to them for appreciating my work," she signed off.

from Naya Sabera | नया सबेरा - No.1 Hindi News Portal Of Jaunpur (U.P.)

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