Chandni Soni on Tandoor’s latest song Tujh Bin: The response has been amazing…we hoped the song would do well but never expected this kind of a feedback

The latest song from Rashami Desai and Tanuj Virwani starrer Tandoor titled Tujh Bin has been receiving an overwhelming response. Chandni Soni, co-producer of the web series, shares that the entire team is happy that viewers are enjoying the track so much.

“The response that we have been getting for the song is nothing less than amazing. I am so glad that the audience could relate to the essence of the track. We hoped that Tujh Bin would do well but never expected this kind of feedback,” she says.

Sung by Arsh Mohammed, Tujh Bin has been written by Neetu Saini and composed by Ankit Shah. The music of this soulful rendition has been programmed by Ankit and Soumajit Biswas.

“The concept of songs is not a common thing in web series unlike what it is in films. But in this case the song fitted the situation perfectly. It is not there just for the heck of it. The song helps in taking the story forward and breaks the monotony,” reveals Chandni, who is also the producer of the hit web series Raktanchal.

Talking about what makes Tujh Bin special and praising Rashami and Tanuj’s performance, she adds further, “What I like the most about the song is the Sufi element in it. It has been composed and sung in sync with the story of the series. The words are meaningful not just in reality but also goes with the theme of the narrative. As far as Rashami and Tanuj are concerned, their onscreen chemistry is amazing. Both are brilliant actors. The song has captured their onscreen chemistry beautifully. The combination of both of these talented individuals has already become the talk of the town.”

Tujh Bin has been trending on Twitter and got over one million views. Nivedita Basu is the director of Tandoor that narrates the story of a couple whose life takes an unexpected turn.

Chandni is happy that OTT allows makers and artists to do things that they could not explore earlier. The OTT boom, according to her, has helped the entertainment industry grow and survive in these difficult times.

“As theaters are still not fully functional because of the pandemic, the OTT platforms have come as a blessing for the makers, actors, viewers and everyone else associated with the industry. It is also challenging for the platforms to present quality content. Yes, today's audience is very much aware and intelligent enough to differentiate between mediocre and quality content. I am so glad that the door has opened up for talent and good work, not to forget the scope everyone has now to do much more than ever before,” she says.

from Naya Sabera | नया सबेरा - No.1 Hindi News Portal Of Jaunpur (U.P.)

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