Konkana Bakshi, a renowned Image & Etiquette Consultant in India is internationally certified and has a prominent presence globally as a credible business and social etiquette consultant. She has attended several beauty pageants all over the world at the young age of 16 to 19 yrs.

She has represented India internationally in Miss Elegance world 2008, Chinese Miss world 2007 and Miss India in 2009 to name a few.
Her stint as a brand ambassador for various brands has fetched her accolades through the years. of 2008-2012.

Her global exposure and her European finishing school education and global cultural awareness to the business etiquette, social manners and personal grooming skills, practised by the British and the French-led her to understand the gaping void that existed in India of international cultural awareness.

Konkana realised that there were no finishing schools in India, which would customise and tailor-make programs, to suit the specific requirements for various business professionals and students to teach international Etiquette which would help in building better relationships globally. This was the genesis of the Savoir Faire Academie. - The Luxury Finishing School Founded by Ms Konkana Bakshi in 2013.

She graduated from the prestigious Emily Post Institute, USA as a licensed Business Etiquette Consultant and London Image Institute as the Image consultant certified by the International organisation AICI. She is one of the most renowned Image and Etiquette Consultants in India to provide distinctive and guaranteed visible transformation to her clients without disclosure of the client’s identity.

In her role as Founder of Savoir Faire Academie, she brings to the fore, her well-deserved reputation. She is one of the few Miss India beauty pageants contestants who live up to their promise of taking time out for humanitarian, philanthropic causes. She works relentlessly for the welfare of orphaned children, facilitates organ donations through various NGOs, and is closely involved with ‘The Habitat for Humanity.

Konkana Bakshi has won the Swayamsiddha Award in 2018 which encourages and empowers the initiative of women in commencing businesses of their own.

She is a weekly columnist for Khaleej Times, in the United Arab Emirates, wherein the fortnightly column is written on MODERN ETIQUETTE and Personal Image Branding with giving insight and words of wisdom to the readers to ponder on so that an individual can maintain the “grace under pressure” during various situations they face.

On 6th March 2021, Ms Konkana Bakshi has inspired several youths with the idea she shared with the massive audience as she gave a Ted talk on “The True Meaning of Etiquette“ hosted by Xavier Institute of Engineering College Mumbai.

from Naya Sabera | नया सबेरा - No.1 Hindi News Portal Of Jaunpur (U.P.)

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