Rajesh Sharma is happy to be part of FNP Media's short film 'Almariyaan'

FNP Media's short film "Almariyaan" is finally out. Directed by Jiya Bhardwaj, the film features Rajesh Sharma, Supriya Shukla and Pranav Sachdev and is based on a middle-class family.

Rajesh, who plays the father in the film, shared his opinion about the title "Almariyaan", and said, "When we say 'Almariyaan', then in a almari there are lots of shelves. We use them to keep different stuffs, similarly in our life we also have a almari with shelves and we keep our feelings in them. I feel the title was perfect for the film. I was intrigued by the title, but I had some idea what it will be about."

The movie revolves around a family where the parents drop hints to their son that they are aware that he is gay and have absolutely no problem with that. The actor stressed that this movie also points out the lack of communication between parents and kids these days.

He said, "If you see in today's times' parents are busy with their work, their lifestyle is such that both husband and wife need to work. Kids feel neglected and can't speak about their needs to their parents, so they share it with their friends. That's why their friends become more important to them than their parents. Now friends can't always give them the right advice. It's only their parents who can guide them properly and give them the right advice. So I feel parents today should interact more with their children."

Rajesh also spoke about the LGBTQ community and said that though it will take some time, people have slowly started to accept and acknowledge them. "There was a time in the 80's - 90's when girls in villages were not allowed to wear pants and tops, they could only wear salwar suit or sarees. But now when I travel for work, I see girls in villages also wearing jeans and tops and this has been accepted by their families and society. So I feel the same way society will accept the LGBTQ community too," he said.

In the movie, Supriya played Rajesh's wife, and Pranav essayed the role of his son. This is the third time Supriya and Rajesh worked together, and he feels that working with an actor again definitely helps in bringing out the chemistry on-screen. He said, "Yes, it does happen. When you are working together you do recognise the actor, and you start to understand the person a little bit more. I'm not saying that you completely know the person but you do understand a little bit and there's this comfort zone which gets created."

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