Salim Diwan speaks about his debut music video Tu Hi To Hai

Actor Salim Diwan recently debuted in a music video titled Tu Hi To Hai. He shares his experience about the video with us. "It has really been quite refreshing for me to do this. I have never attempted a romantic song like this before. The chemistry between me and my co star Meghna Rajput in “Tu Hi To Hai” has come out well I feel. I have been getting very good response . The song has also been getting a lot of appreciation which makes me & my team very happy.”

The song is Sung by Jeetu Guar and written by-Ranjit Singh Mashiana, it’s directed and choreographed by – Pradeep Singrole. Throwing more light on the shooting experience Salim adds,”We have shot in Lonavala and this was my first assignment post lockdown. I had never shied away from experimenting with my roles in films or in any other projects. I always try to do something new and different to make my audience feel the change and love me more in different characters. I really enjoyed every moment at the time of shoot and with my team it was really great experience. When you are with beautiful people in a beautiful set, you always tend to do your best.”

Music videos are trending for quite sometime now - what is your take as an actor? “ I would say music videos are trending because it can draw viewers feelings and many can relate to it. In a limited time it can also drives someone’s mind and heart. And at the same time it takes less time to filming as well. That’s the reason so many music videos are in making.” Salim was part of short film The Perfect Scream and Bollywood Diaries in the past.

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