Mubeen Saudagar shares what he likes about playing a woman on screen

We have seen many standup comedians on Indian television and there has been a huge fan following for them. Mubeen Saudagar and his avatar Nimmi are both quite famous and the actor has got great feedback from the audience.
But why does the audience love the women avatar of any male standup comedian? Mubeen who has been part of some great comedy series on television says,”I feel the moment a male actor puts the makeup and dresses like a woman there is an instant liking. I have been portraying Nimmi since 2013 and I have always enjoyed the process. It is extremely difficult to portray a female on camera. The get up, the makeup and the attire everything is very delicate and also extremely tough to act with. Kudos to all the women for their graceful body language.  I personally try to play with my voice a lot. Since I have also been dubbing for various cartoon characters like Honey Bunny, Oggy & The Cockroaches, Ding Dong Bell, Oscar Ab Bas Kar I know how important a role voice modulation plays. And there is also a plus point of playing a woman onscreen - as Nimmi I always pull everyone’s legs and no one messes with me.”  The talented actor is currently part of Zee comedy show and The Great Indian Game Show.

Mubeen Saudagar shares what he likes about playing a woman on screen

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