Aditi Patankar Gupta: Having more followers is relevant for an actor’s visibility

Mrs India Singapore and Formula Racer Aditi Patankar Gupta says that with the advent of social media, the world is a much different place today. Aditi, who is also the founder of Mrs India UK and a pageant coach, says that it has helped people to know more about trends and the views of others. “Social Media has not just revolutionised but enhanced the capability of every individuals and actor's personal branding. While it has its pros and cons and has connected the reel world to real world of life as well, it is also crunching time to acknowledge the beauty around us for real. Balancing both acts has definitely become challenging but the achievements of each actor has gone a level high,” she says.

She adds, “Social media platforms are becoming highly engaging due to the accessibility of anyone’s life. It is also becoming the voice of expression by putting views or opinions in front of a large audience. What we need to consider is the positive projection that would inspire and make the world a better place. And as an audience, an individual should not go far too much to be influenced but we wise to understand the crux of the content.”

Aditi says that a lot of importance today is given to the number of followers a celebrity has. She says that this is also justified. “It is fair enough for an actor to have more followers as it is very relevant for their visibility. Most of the brands prefer to have ambassadors and endorsements with a higher number of followers for high engagement with products. Another side to it is, often the audience needs to also relate to the real person behind the screen and that is something the audience these days is liking as well. Being an actor isn’t easy and it does come with a responsibility towards fan following, so even if it looks like an obsession, I believe it is necessary at times to let the audience see the real you and let brands adapt you to be the front runner in publicising all,” she says.

from Naya Sabera | नया सबेरा - No.1 Hindi News Portal Of Jaunpur (U.P.)

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