From Sachin Tendulkar, SRK to Big B, here are the idols of these celebrities!

Inspiration is the seed to a journey of achievement. These celebrities tell us who they are inspired by on a daily basis as they make their way to success.

Kavitta Verma: I have always looked up to two people, my mom and dad. Their values have made me who I am today. Apart from them, I get inspired by looking at the work of personalities like Rekha ji and Meena Kumari ji. They are legendary and have given enormous contributions to Indian cinema. I love Meena Kumari ji’s poetry. Her poetry opens up a world of pure passion and emotions. Amitabh Bachchan sir is also someone who’s journey has inspired me. Every achievement has a story of individual struggles and we can learn a lot from it.

Rahul Sharma: There are lot of personalities which inspire me. The personality which inspires me the most is my father because he has proved to me that whatever he has done, he has achieved everything because of that. He always says hard-work is definitely the most valuable asset you have in your hands, otherwise whatever you do, it depends on other people, other situations. If you have potential and you work hard, then definitely you can achieve everything. He has taught me how to be calm and positive through every situation. He inspired me to do something better, constantly work hard to achieve things, be kind, be honest and grounded.

Zaan Khan: I am a fan of Narendra Modi ji and Ranbir Kapoor. If I talk about Narendra Modi ji, I really like his personality, he is very strong-headed, good speaker. He is someone who knows everything. The changes he has brought in our country, be it demonetization or anything else, require a lot of courage. The way he interacts with people is amazing and we can learn many things from that. If you see his interviews, you can see how he speaks directly from the heart. Where Ranbir Kapoor is concerned, I really like his craft and the way he performs. I play football with Ranbir in Star Club and so I know him. He has a different aura and a very good personality.

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