Have flown to Mumbai to surprise Aly. Want to see him in top two with either Rahul or Rubina: Ilham Goni

The much-awaited finale of reality show "Bigg Boss" is scheduled to take place on Sunday. And Aly Goni's sister, Ilham Goni and brother-in-law, Danish Tak, have flown down from Jammu to surprise him. Ilham shared she is excited to meet her brother after almost five months.

Ilham had recently given birth to a baby girl and we caught a glimpse of her when Aly spoke to his mom via a video call. She said, "He is not expecting anyone from the family to be there in the finale as mom and dad can’t travel due to COVID issue. My husband and I have come to surprise him."

"He is not even expecting me as well because he knows it’s just been 20 days since my delivery. I just want to see his happy and surprised face when he sees us," she added.

Aly has surely won the audience's hearts with his positive and friendly nature. Even "Bigg Boss" in Aly's BB journey said that he is the only contestant who played for his friends.

Ilham said, "Aly has surely won many hearts and everyone is loving him. He is the only contestant who has made so many good relations inside the house. He is already a winner for us. This is what he has earned during his journey."

Asked who she is hoping to see in the final two, she said, "I want Aly to be in top two with either Rahul or Rubina."

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