Nehha Pendse will definitely do justice to the role of Anita bhabi: Rohitashv Gour

Sanjay and Binaiferr Kohli’s Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain has taken a new turn after actress Nehha Pendse entered the show as Anita Bhabi. Previously the role was played by Saumya Tandon. The audience was eagerly waiting for the new Anita Bhabi and finally, she came. Actor Rohitashv Gour, who plays Manmohan Tiwari in the show, had wonderful chemistry with Saumya Tandon. We asked him about Nehha’s entry in the show. He says,” As a co-star I am feeling happy. Since Anita Bhabi left the show the storyline was impacted. I would say it became one-sided because a main track in the show is about my love for Anita Bhabhi who is my neighbour while Vibhuti Ji (Aasif Sheikh) loves Angoori. The loving track of Anita Bhabi and Tiwariji was hugely missed by the audience too. And as Anita Bhabi is back now there will be a new excitement.
Speaking on Nehha’s entry in the show as Anita Bhabi, Rohitashv adds,” Definitely Nehha Pendse will justify the role of Anita Bhabi. She has a good personality. While there will be differences with Saumya Tandon, but she'll do justice to the role. Nehha is an Intelligent and experienced actress and has been working since childhood. There’s no doubt she is a versatile actress. I can say it as I’ve started shooting with her. Naturally, Saumya Ji and my chemistry was amazing there’s no doubt about that. I will always miss her.” On creating magic again on screen Rohitashv adds,” It can be created again. When first Angoori (Shilpa Shinde) left the show, everyone was saying no one will be able to take her place but Shubhangi Atre Ji settled in really well. Now people think of her as Angoori. Our Indian audience is very flexible. As far as our characters are concerned everything will be the same as it was with Saumya so that the audience gets the same content and punches as they were getting before.”

Speaking further on Nehha Pendse Rohitashv adds,” She is funny both on-screen and off-screen. She cracks a lot of jokes. She made a place for herself in a way that it does not feel like we have just started working together. She has earlier worked with Edit 2 production house in 'May I Come in Madam' she is very punctual and travels a long distance from Nariman point to Naigaon every day. But she reaches before us! We are planning to revive all the magic from the old episodes. There are lots of stories we are planning to do; there are a few twists and turns. Once we are a little relieved from this Covid19 issue then we are also planning a few outdoors.”

Recently the “Bhabi Ji Ghar par Hain received a “landmark show” award. Commenting on that Rohitashv says,” When this show was launched we did not even think that this show would be on air for so long. Back then people were used to watching saas-bahu content. On March 3rd we will complete 6 years of this show and receiving a landmark award at this time filled me and the whole team with new energy. Now with this new start and new energy, we’ll work and will create new records.”

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