Hum director Arun Shankar talks on who inspires him: I look up to the person I see in the mirror

National-award winning director Arun Shankar, who has directed the single Hum and has also featured in it along with Pooja Banerjee and Ruthvik Reddy, is clearly an all-rounder. Besides being a director, he is also an actor, producer and rapper and says that his own experiences and passion for his craft have been his biggest inspirations. “Honestly, if I may say with all humbleness, I look up to the person I see in the mirror. He is someone who multi-tasks so many work profiles, works 18 hours in a day, hardly sleeps for a couple of hours. You probably wouldn’t find him sitting idle when he is on a project. Have you ever seen someone get into the shoes of a director, set up the shot, explain the scene to everyone, lock his frame and then jump into the shoes of a performer and perform in front of the camera, keeping coordination of things as a director in mind yet also be able to act the character he is supposed to do and then the very next minute when its cut, he jumps into the role of a producer and looks into affairs in that department? Surprisingly, he has been doing this pretty efficiently and effectively,” he says.

The director adds that this also has a lot to do with the strong and dedicated team that he has. “Well, if I may say, he did win the National award, so that should validate the above statement. Of course, I would never take away the complete credit for what I have achieved. I have a strong team that backs me up, but working as a writer, actor, rapper, director and producer on the same project ain’t anyone’s cup of tea!” he says.

He also has other role models who he follows. “I look up to two people from two different worlds and for different reasons. First is Eminem, famously known as the God of Rap, for a white boy who grew up in a black man’s hood and went on to rule over a world that predominantly is run by blacks(hip hop being black music). He changed the game entirely. I and several like me have been so inspired by him and his music that it gave us the belief that no matter what your situations are today, you could change them with sheer dedication and will and achieve whatever it is that you wish for. His songs to me are something I can really connect with if I am having a bad day. The reason I started rapping was because of Em. He got me so addicted to hip hop music that before I knew it I started writing rap verses. The second person is Aamir khan sir for his Mr. Perfectionist attitude. That is something I always strive to achieve, regardless of how difficult or taxing it could get on me. Like Aamir sir, I believe if you are doing something, do it to perfection and to the best of your capabilities. So, I believe these two things have definitely shaped the foundation of on which I and my company work. Dedication to what you do and aiming for perfection in it!” he says.

from Naya Sabera | नया सबेरा - No.1 Hindi News Portal Of Jaunpur (U.P.)

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