Kumar Raj's ‘Tara’ on a non-stop road to success by bagging awards and appreciation at the Sincine Film Festival.

Director Kumar Raj’s master piece/stroke ‘Tara – The journey of love and passion’ is on a roll, winning hearts and breaking records in receiving maximum international awards. The film has not only created an impact on the minds of audiences worldwide but also entered unexplored demographics and territories showcasing the film and winning awards. ‘Tara’ recently won the Best director at Sincine Film Festival on 7th March in Muzaffarpur, Bihar.
Kumar Raj received the award in the presence of ‘Hello Kaun’ fame Sneha Upadhyay, Aradhana Komal, Miss Bihar Global, Nepali actress Pushpa Yadav, Maithili actress Premlata Prem, Actor Anil Mishra, director Bal Krishn along with many political leaders like Mayor Mukesh Kumar, SDO Kundan Kumar, Musafir Pawan, MLA Bochahaand, Saturghan Sinha etc.
Along with winning awards, the film also achieved 318th official selection and screening in both national and international film festivals worldwide.
The film features a melodious song by the famous singer Madhushree. 'Tara' is written by Dr. Prof. Kishen Pawar and the lead actress of the film is Rekha Rana (recipient of 40 international awards) along with amazing cast including Aashish Salim and Rohan Shroff.

“Heartfelt Congratulations to Kumar Raj and his Film ‘Tara’. The film was really amazing and the judges were quite impressed. It deserved this award in every manner.” wished the festival director N. Mandal.
“My film Tara today has become a pride for nation by breaking its own records now. I am sure film Tara has made its place in the hearts of people and in the history of Indian Cinema. I am really obliged with the honour given to Tara by keeping it in the New York Film academy Library.” says director Kumar Raj about the film.
Sincine Film Festival is committed to provide a global platform to the movies from all around the world irrespective of the geographical and language barrier, which could just not help them to identify real talent but also duly recognize them.
Kumar Raj’s upcoming film "Yahaan Ameena Bikti Hai" featuring actress Rekha Rana, is delayed due to Covid'19 situation & is expected to be released this year soon.

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