Never paid attention to mental health: Amit Sarin

"Pavitra Rishta" actor Amit Sarin says over the years he has realized the importance of mental health in one's personal and professional life.

The actor, who has also acted in shows like "Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi", "Kkusum", "Nisha Aur Uske Cousin'' and produced "Between Mountains", that talked about suicide awareness, Hollywood project "Tiger Heart", admits he has not paid attention towards mental health.

"People still don’t give due importance to mental health and the word HEALTH - primarily means physical health to us. Like many others, I never paid attention to mental health till recent years. It has direct influence on how we think, feel and act. It is very important at every stage of our life," he explains. The key to overcome mental health problems according to Amit, is seeking professional help, besides staying positive and connected with your loved ones.

"I remind myself of my last experience, how in a few days things will be different and this too shall pass. Staying positive and at times, faking to be positive is the best way," Amit reaffirms.

The actor, who had tested positive for COVID-19, does wish he had learnt and practiced meditation from an early age because it majorly helps in dealing with depression, anxiety.

"I have learnt through meditation how to check in with yourself what’s going on and how you're feeling, quality of your thoughts. Also, I have learnt that on every day basis it’s so important to release thoughts of the past, so you can see, feel and live in today/this moment," he adds.

Given the volatile nature of the entertainment industry, Amit, who is settled in the US with his filmmaker wife Vineesha Arora Sarin and two kids, says it does become a soft target for mental health related issues.

"It’s a known fact that people in entertainment are prone to highs and lows which means dealing with high levels of anxiety and depression in comparison with other industries. Becoming overnight star or in no time one can slip from being very popular to being a passing phase," he adds.

Talking about the string of suicide cases in the industry, Amit says, one must never give up as that's not the solution.

"It’s so sad to hear such terrible news of suicide for various reasons. We have just one life and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP as all things are difficult before they are easy," ge concludes.

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