Saahil Uppal on Omkar’s style in Pinjara Khubsurti Ka being praised: I’m a fan of his wardrobe… he’s usually sharp and proper all the time

Saahil Uppal as Omkar ‘Omi’ Shukla in Pinjara Khubsurti Ka has been garnering praises from the viewers. It is definitely one of the most stylish on-screen avatars and the look of the character is also something that has caught everyone’s attention.

“I am myself a fan of Omkar’s wardrobe. He is a stubborn character who wants beauty and perfection, considering this trait in him the way he dresses says a lot about his character. I have always got positive feedback for his dressing sense and style. It’s usually sharp and proper all the time,” says the actor.

In real life too, Saahil is often complimented for his style statements. It is believed that actors need to be careful as to how they are seen in public.

So how important is it for actors to be presentable at all times? “It’s subjective. I believe in going easy breezy on this. I do not try way too hard to look presentable all the time. I wear whatever I feel comfortable in. That’s my style. You need to go effortless and comfortable to be relatable I think,” he explains, adding that his go-to clothes every time he steps out are white shirt/black-tee and blue denims.

Clothes, according to the actor, have a lot to do with emotions and feelings. “As soon as I get into my pyjamas all I feel is relaxed and comfortable and no other type of clothing can make me feel like that… I do believe that clothes are at times a reflection of who we are. There are times when we dress up in a way that we actually don’t like, sometimes under pressure or to prevent ourselves from getting judged or to match up with the trend we do that. So I don't think you can see a reflection of someone through what they are wearing,” he adds.

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