Marathi 'Fas' across the seas! By Maharashtra international film festival

Marathi film is known for its richness of content. Because of this, perhaps, he has traveled to countless national and international film festivals, as well as winning numerous awards. Recently, after last year's Corona-Gap, the prestigious Cannes Film Festival in France opened. Although it included films from India, Kovid protocols barred their Indian representatives from attending. A total of 15 films were screened at the Cannes International Film Festival, and more importantly, Wings to Bollywood, which is always on the lookout for Indian films, has sent 13 of them, including Fas.

During the premiere of the film, a direct screening of 'Fas' was to be held from 'Kan' and special guests were invited by Vikrant More, the head of 'Wings to Bollywood'. Directed by Avinash Kolte, 'Fas' stars National Award winning actor Upendra Limaye and various award winning actors Sayaji Shinde in pivotal roles. Also, Kamlesh Sawant, who has a thorough education in acting, has come to play the role of a pitiful and desperate farmer.

In the last few years, the number of farmer suicides has increased across the country, and especially in Maharashtra. The Baliraja himself, who fills the stomachs of others, sleeps hungry or half-fed at night. This is a social failure of our country and should be taken seriously by the government and the urban community as well. If the farmer does not survive, then who will feed everyone should be considered with foresight and measures should be taken to stop the suicides of the farmers as well as raise their living standards. The gap between the farmers and the administration has been highlighted in ‘Fas’ and the real issues of the farmers have been handled very seriously. Director Avinash Kolte himself is from a farming family and he knows the issues of farmers. Writer Maheshwari Patil has written a story based on self-experience and real events and it is a heartwarming portrayal.

Actor Sayaji Shinde himself came from a farming family and immediately agreed to do the film. He urged the farmers to take the issue to the right people and resolve it as soon as possible. Actor Upendra Limaye said, "I always like rich films and I don't hesitate to work with well-known directors. The new director is always telling his story in a subdued way, just like Avinash is from 'Fas'. I always prefer to work in films on social and political issues. The film should reach as many people as possible and bring awareness to the society and try to solve the problems of our food provider. '

The film ‘Fas’ discusses what the real situation of the farmers is and what changes need to be made so that this sinking farmer can get his head somewhere.

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