Celebrities are ready with their Dhanteras shopping list, add that Covid has made us wise and taught us the importance of right investment

Dhanteras marks the beginning of Diwali. Much like everyone looks forward to the festival of lights, Dhanteras is also celebrated with much fervor. It’s on that auspicious day that people buy something new as it’s considered good and lucky. Celebrities talk about Dhanteras, what they are planning to splurge on this time and also the fact that the pandemic taught us how the right investment and savings matter a lot. Read on:

Ragini Nandwani
Well, I usually buy gold on Dhanteras and as per our family ritual, something in steel for home. Definitely the pandemic has been an eye opener for everyone and a reality check which taught us that saving is very important, it only helps people survive tough times. So those who saved, things were smooth for them during this period and those who were not in this habit of saving learnt the importance of saving and investing right.

Sharad Malhotra
I invest in gold. It is always the safest investment and as a family ritual I've seen my mother always buying that. It is necessary to invest right. The Pandemic has definitely taught us to be more careful about spending and saving. We all need to be ready for such bad days and plan our investments for the future.

Delnaaz Irani
It’s been a norm for years that I pick up gold on Dhanteras. I feel it’s auspicious and that's the one thing mom used to do, and I have just followed her ever since I started earning. It’s a good investment and you feel happy about it too. I don't wear too much gold so I pick up something small and dainty, but that’s one thing that I never forget to do. Yes of course Covid has taught us a lot. I do agree that saving is important but I’m of the opinion to live life to the fullest. You never know what might happen next. So now, in fact, post Covid, I’ve become less rigid about things. I just go with the flow. There should be no pressure to do things. Health is of utmost importance now, and yes we must live each day of our lives as if it’s our last.

Vijayendra Kumeria
Every year on Dhanteras, I buy a gold coin with Laxmi Maa’s imprint on it. That has not changed. I’ll do the same this year too as it’s a shagun kind of a thing for us. A lot of people have learnt it the hard way. Savings are very important however optimistic you are in life. You should have good savings to be comfortable with your lifestyle and live without compromising even when unforeseen problems arise. I have always been very practical about having a good saving plan from the start of my career. I always advise my friends to save and invest a good amount of their earnings when they are working.
Pranitaa Pandit:
I always buy silver and gold on Dhanteras. I'll buy something in gold for my daughter Anysha this year. The pandemic has taught us a lot. We have surely learnt that we can manage with limited resources. Also, one must utilise and value money right, make the right investment to secure their future.

Saurabh Agarwal
Tera Dhan Bheetar hai / Kab tak Dhoondega Baahar / Ander hi Sona, ander hi Chandi /Yani hai tere sab heere jawaharaat/ Yahi hai Poonji yahi hai saving / Yahi hai sab kuch tera / Jis din paalega tu Inko, ban jayega Dhanteras tera. Actually, we tend to look outside for all the festival and its celebration, but everything has a symbolic value and connects with us internally. If we happen to be intelligent enough to understand our inner values, we shall transform ourselves and also the society we live in, in a bigger and better way.

Pragati Mehra
Traditionally metal is bought and gold is preferred during Dhanteras. All my jewellery is stacked up in lockers only to be worn on special weddings, so I don’t know what’s the point of buying gold jewellery. Silver is my favourite metal, but in Mumbai moisture silver turns black quite quickly and maintenance is quite a task. So gold bonds are where I want to invest but I am told one can only do that when RBI announces the sale. It isn’t available 24/7. So I am waiting for that announcement. Well, if we didn’t know that then let me remind this once again that pre-Covid19 we were simply stupid. Covid didn’t teach me the importance of investment that I always knew Covid taught me the value and peace in practicing minimalism.

Mrunal Jain
We always invest in gold, It is considered very auspicious and a very good investment in terms of the future. I'll buy gold this year too. My wife is expecting so this year is anyway extra special for the family. Right investment and savings are very important. Coming from a business family, I have always learnt that money attracts money and that one must invest. Some risk taking is fine, we don’t learn until we fail.

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