Diwali 2021: Celebs share which cracker they resemble

Diwali is a festival of lights, and crackers play a significant role in adding cheer and joy to the festivities. Celebrities have shared which cracker they relate to and resemble.Designer Anjali Phougat thinks she resembles phuljhari because it’s "really fun, has sparkles and variations of colours. Also, it’s my favourite firework," she said. Mehendi Lagi composer Nilesh Ahuja goes for rocket. "I remember we used to have a lot of fun while putting it in a bottle then letting it fly high," he recalled.

Ab Tere Bina lyricist Vandana Khandelwal thinks she resembles the rocket. 'I always aim for the sky," she said. Bollywood Diaries actor Salim Diwan also goes for rocket. "I work like a rocket in full speed," he explained.

Actress Nyrraa M. Banerji ( thinks she resembles phuljari. "It is full of light. I love spreading positivity. I love spreading knowledge that I have. I love spending time on reading spiritual quotes and spreading it, so phuljari is nothing but an extension on the point of the ignition. So yes I'm phuljari," she shared.  Film Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani actress Nupur Joshi thinks she resembles rocket because it leads to "beautiful fireworks display high up in the sky and always aims for the sky and I like to be on top," she said.

Chickoo Ki Mummy Door Kei  actress Anupama Solanki thinks she resembles anar because it’s calm and quiet. "It has bright and colourful light when it is burnt," she said.  Actress Harshali Zine thinks she resembles phuljari because it is very calm and quiet with less pollution. "It has sparkles and it shines with bright light just like my personality. It is safe and easy to light up," she said.

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