Shreya Kulkarni known as Dimple girl in Marathi industry will now be seen in the TVC of Govind Ghee

Shreya Kulkarni known for her Marathi well known song “Dimple yetay gaalavr” is now seen on the sets of Television Commercial of Govind Ghe. Many of the female actresses were seen vying for this lead role of this TVC but shreya got the opportunity. It was her birthday when Shreya was seen shooting for this ad film. Shreya says “ I was always looking for my birthday which would be greatly celebrated on the set, and here it goes.” Shreya seems to be too cheerful on her birthday as she celebrated this birthday on the set of an Ad film this time. Her friends of pune surprised her birthday by coming directly on the set and we celebrated and shared the joy she added. Shreya is going great with her career as an actress. Shreya being an actress is also an IT professional who manages every opportunity of film career as well.

The casting of this TVC of Govind Ghe was done and cast was the great actor Mr. Amol Kolhe. But due to some reasons casting changed. Shreya was a bit upset for this reason as “I lost the opportunity to meet Amol Kolhe sir “ Shreya added when she was asked in interview.

Shreya says “ In my 5 years + film career this was the first birthday I celebrated on the set and I am too proud and lucky for the same”
Shreya also shared the pictures and reels of her birthday on her Instagram handle shreyakulkarni_0fficial

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